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Inspired after watching the “Long Way” motorcycle adventure films during Zain’s treatments, Zain and Matt would dream of one day embarking on their own thrilling dirt bike adventure– facing their own challenges along the way, and coming out of the experience changed. 


Zain and other courageous kids who confront challenging diagnoses show unwavering determination and resilience, readily meeting every demand thrown their way. Now, it's our responsibility to go The Extra Mile for those who may not have a voice of their own.

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The Extra Mile takes the form of a documentary film, chronicling the WA Backcountry Discovery Route–a 600-mile motorcycle ride from our Washougal home to the Canadian Border, traversing exclusively dirt roads. Matt, Tom, Barrett, and Ben (joined by Linnea for sections of the trail) will take the trip in memory of Zain, highlighting issues around childhood cancer along the way and shedding light on the need for improved treatment options while appealing for increased research funding.

The expedition delves deep into the Cascade Mountains, commencing in Stevenson, WA, and culminating at the Canadian border in Night Hawk. Stunning views of the massive volcanic mountains from the dense forest in the southern stretch of the ride to the open arid pine forests of the central part of the route showcase the diversity and beauty of Washington.

Image by Toan Chu

Throughout our adventure, we'll share our mission to advance research for innovative treatments targeting rare forms of cancer afflicting children and young adults. The documentary will feature insightful interviews with nationally recognized pediatric oncologists engaging in discussions about the pressing needs within pediatric research. Of course, the film will also capture the excitement of our exhilarating rides.


Although this year won't host a community event, we're thrilled to announce an upcoming film release event. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!

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Zain gave everything he could and did all that was asked of him. Now it’s our turn to continue the fight and go The Extra Mile for Zain and all kids facing an uncertain diagnosis. The goal of the The Extra Mile is to raise money and awareness of the need for funding to support research specific to childhood cancer.


Money raised through donations and from the sale of merch will be used for cancer research specific to pediatric lymphoma with an emphasis towards less toxic alternatives.

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